The Hospitality Committee (better known as the Coffee Committee) orders the coffee and donuts the day before our meetings, picks up the coffee and donuts on meeting day, and sets the food up that morning, then cleans up after the meeting.

This committee could use another couple of volunteers. With only one meeting a month, it’s not a large time commitment.
Chair: Judy Jones (judyjx2@aol.com)

The Education Committee plans the courses to be taught for the 2015-2016 year at different locations--- three are already on the books, and other educational initiatives including coaching of Boy Scouts on earning the Genealogy Merit Badge are being added. The Committee can always use someone with a teaching background.

Chair: David Martin (davidchina_2000@yahoo.com)

The Publicity Committee strives to promote the society by publicizing our events and speakers through press releases, a newsletter, distribution of the newsletter through email and snail mail, a brochure, getting members interviewed for articles, listing on online calendars, preparing and distributing programs lists, posting information on programming and events on Facebook, preparing and distributing monthly program flyer, preparing PSAs and advertising.

Chair: Alice Stelzer (alice.stelzer@capecodgenealogy.org)

The Membership Committee is responsible for all aspects of membership of CCGS. Duties include:

            ·  Recruiting of new memberships and renewal of current memberships

            ·  Providing membership cards and information about membership benefits to all members

            ·  Maintaining records of all members, active and inactive

            ·  Collecting annual dues and sending reminder notices to those delinquent in payment of dues

         ·  Assessing members needs and providing suggestions to the Board of Directors related to improving services to our members and increase the value of membership

Research Trip Committee coordinates an annual bus trip to the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. Chair is Jane Hester (jane.hester@capecodgenealogy.org)

Publications Committee coordinates and produces the semi-annual Journal of the Society, both from a writing and an editorial point of view. The Committee is continually interested in having written contributions of articles to review for possible publication in the Journal.

The Committee also deals with other topics related to written materials from the Society, such as the Cape Cod Genealogical Resources book and other similar
items. Chair: Carolyn Weiss (carlysue01@comcast.net)

The Communication Technology Committee maintains the website and assists the Society in communicating with its members and others through the various online platforms that are available. We also explore new ways that the work of the society may be augmented through the website and related tools available through the internet.

We are looking for members to help in a variety of ways.

You don’t need to be an expert in website design or computer systems (though if you were, we would love to have you!). We need help in the following areas:

            ·  Maintaining and updating our Facebook Page

            ·  Maintaining and updating our Twitter Feed

            ·  Assist in keeping the website up to date.

            ·  Assist in the maintenance of the Society’s blog

            ·  Assistance in identifying and integrating new technologies into existing platforms

Some of these tasks (such as updating Facebook or Twitter) only take a few minutes, 2-3 times a week. Others may be an hour commitment a week or even less. Chair: David Frederici (davidf@capecodgenealogy.org).

The Research Library Committee serves to advise the Librarian about administering the collections and staffing of the Cape Cod Genealogical Society Library, located within the Dennis Public Library in Dennisport. It is concerned with matters of policy, organization, technology, and training that further our ability to serve patrons of the library Volunteer needs:
Volunteers are needed who are familiar with Ancestry and with genealogical methods, and are available to work regular library shifts during hours the library is open (Tuesday 1-4, Thursday 10-4, Saturday 10-noon).
Chair: Carol Magneau (Carol.Magneau@gmail.com)

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